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Rakeya provided a very easy way of communication

You can contact customer service directly if you encounter any difficulty in completing your order or face any delivery problem, you will find the customer service doing their best to help you.
Just click (Contact Us) and choose to contact us via the email or phone.
We have mention hereunder the most common questions and answers to make it easier for you


How can I search for a specific product?

  Rakeya has tooled up with a simple and very accurate system that enables our customers to place their orders easily and smoothly.
take a full tour through our website to find out the latest fashion trends, and to get the most benefit don’t miss out our sales and offers. 


Rakeya enables very effective and easy search engine so you have several ways to look for a specific product.
You will find the search box at the top right of the page, simply type the product name and you will find what you are looking for.
The search engine will drop down and you will have many options:
  • Search by typing the name of the item you are looking for.
  • Search by product categories (women - children - dresses ...)
  • Search by color (red - black .......)
  • Search by price (0 - 50 dollars / 51-100 dollars .......)
  • Search by size (medium - 2XL ...) 


How can we order from your website ?

1 - Choose the items you wish to order then choose the size (please refer to the size guide). Also you can add any measurements details (height - weight -...) or any more details you would like to add in the order notes. This notes help us to fulfill your request with pleasure. Then click "Add to Cart".
2- Once you add all the required products, please click the basket icon at the top right of the page, then click (complete the order)
3- Fill in the delivery address details carefully also you can provide an alternative delivery address if you want to use it.


4- From the left side of the page choose the appropriate payment method, fill the payment information safely being certain that Rakeya takes all required considerations for your data security when you pay thru PayPal.
Finally, click Checkout: Good! Your order has been created!

You will receive an invoice on your E-mail including all the order information
Now our job starts to do our best to deliver your order on time. 


How to choose the right size?

You will find the sized of each product right below its photo, also you will find the size table include all the sizes details and you can add any measurement notes in the order note, below the order details.

Can I do shopping without registering on the site?

  Yes, you can shop as a guest; But registering an account will allow us to send you the latest offers and discounts, which will definitely benefit you; It allows you to see the latest offers, and to easily perform and follow any operations on the site

How can I check the availability of a product?

  By clicking on the product you are interested in, the available sizes are clickable so that you can add them to the shopping cart. If the item is sold out, it will have a line on the measurements, and when you click on it, you will see (all sold)

How do I know the discount amount on the voucher?

  If you apply a valid coupon code, the discounted amount will appear in the shopping cart when the order is placed.



Can I add a product or modify my order?

Yes, you can apply any additions or deletions on your orders during the request. And after completing the order, you can also do so by contacting customer service, we will help you as long as the order shipping procedures have not yet processed; Only in the meantime, you will not be able to change the order
If you use a discount coupon or take used a promotional offer, we do not guarantee that it will be applied to the order after modification.

How can I make sure that my order is accepted?

  You will receive a message on the email containing the invoice for your order after completing the order; You will receive a call or message to ensure the correctness of the data and the request in the event of cash on delivery.
If not, please contact the customer service and they will help you

Can I change the delivery address?

Rakeya include a feature that you can add an alternate address for delivery after the order is done; You can also change the address when the shipping company communicates with you for delivery.


I received my order, but I found it incomplete?

  The safety of your order is our top priority; If you are missing a part of the order, please review the customer service by sending an email with the details of your order and the missing part number . Your request will be carefully reviewed; In the event that the client is not credible, any further requests will be canceled

I received my order and found it defective or damaged?

  The subsequent quality review process is done for all requests, but due to the fact that human work is subject to faults; In the event that there is a manufacture defect in one of the items, we will work to solve it immediately. You will need to attach two clear photos for the defect, one from close up and the other from normal distance. We will keep in touch and solve the problem as soon as possible

Why were some pieces removed from my order?

Some items may run out due to the sale on the product during the preparation of your order and it requires time for the system to update the available quantity on the website, so it will be canceled from your order and its value removed from the invoice, we will be sorry if this happen.
In the case of prepaid orders
Unavailable item of the order: Will be deleted and refunded the same way it was paid
The total order is not available: the order will be canceled completely and we will inform you of that. You can place another order or request to return its value the same way it was paid.
In the case of requests via the cash on delivery service,  the order is done but part of the items is Unavailable : the part will be deleted and its value removed from the invoice
The total order is not available: the order will be canceled completely and we will inform you about that. You can place another order
The refund process takes 5 to 15 working days, depending on the payment method

Why did my order divided to more than one order?

  This may happen because our company has warehouses in Turkey and Doha and the order is sent from the store nearest to you;
In some cases, some parts have run out of quantity from one warehouse therefore they shipped from another warehouse
So, if your order is from different warehouses, it will be divided into several orders
Note: When splitting your order, you will pay additional fees for the cash on delivery and shipping fees. If you need assistance, you can contact customer service immediately

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by calling the customer service, informing them with the order number and your contact information. Canceling the order cannot be done after shipping the order. The shipping fees will not be returned in case the client refused to receive the order and any upcoming orders for the same client will be canceled.

Why my order is canceled?

Your order may be canceled for any of the following reasons.
- You refused to receive previous orders. When the customer refuse to receive an order, any upcoming orders will be canceled.
- The order is not paid or incomplete.
- Payment failed: the order will be canceled if the payment is not successfully processed.
- Order confirmation issue: the order maybe canceled if we couldn’t reach you to confirm the order and the shipping address.
- Cash on delivery: the order may be canceled if you choose cash on delivery for payment and we couldn’t reach you to confirm the order for 3 days.
- Out of Stock; the order may be canceled if the ordered items are out of stock.
Note: To avoid canceling your cash on delivery order, please make sure you get our calls and messages.
In case you find any difficulties to complete your order, please contact our customer service.



What is the estimated time for the order to arrive?

All orders are sent to shipping companies within a maximum of 24 hours after the order payment done, and you can know the expected time when completing your orders
  The delivery time may vary depending on the product purchased, the country of delivery and the shipping company; We deliver all orders via express shipping. Do not take into account delays due to customs policies, or unforeseen reasons
In this case, the customs authorities will inform you of the procedures to obtain your order

What is the shipping fees?

   Shipping fees vary according to the country and the number of items in the order, and you can check the shipping fees on the order completion page after choosing the items and the destination country.

Shipping is free for orders over 149 $
In the event that the order is completely located in our warehouse in Doha, you can receive within 24 hours of ordering in the address you wish with adding shipping expenses (non-refundable) that vary according to the place in the State of Qatar, and you can also receive from our warehouse on the same day of the request during the working hours with the coordination of customer service

How can I track my order?

  You can track the shipment by clicking (Track your order) and type the order number mentioned in the invoice and E-mail then click track order

Do I have to pay taxes or additional fees?

  Yes, sometimes you will have to pay VAT or any other taxes; Or extra fees such as customs duties or fees imposed by the destination country.
We have no control over these fees and cannot expect their value
When you confirm your order, that means your implicit agreement to provide your private information to customs and assign logistics personnel to carry out the customs clearance process. 

Does the shipping company require an ID card?

  Most shipping companies ask for your ID card as proof in order to be able to deliver your order, please show it to them, this will insure the highest safety standards to be achieved for you and us.

Return Polices

What is the Return policy?

You can return unused item (except for evening wear, underwear, lingerie, and swimwear) within 14 days from the receipt of your order, the product must be in the same condition as supplied with all accessories and in their original packaging with price tags. Products that have been washed, used, or delivered in a way that can’t be resell are not accepted for return.
You can return the package via any shipping service, and the customer will be responsible for the shipping fees.
In case of products shipped from outside the State of Qatar, it can’t be returned to Doha warehouse, but are only accepted in the warehouse from which the goods are shipped according to the country of shipment.

Calculating the refund amount in case of return.

The refund amount for the returned products is according to the order invoice you received.
  • The cash-on delivery service fees is non-refundable.
  • If you have any enquiry, please contact our customer service

What is the time needed for the money to be back after the return process?

Usually returns procedures are finalize within 8 working days upon receiving the returned product, and returning the amount to your account. The refund period depends on the payment method and the customer’s bank.
For cash on delivery payment refund, the amount is returned within 15 working days weather to your account in a Rakeya or through a transfer, however the transfer cost will be deducted from the customer.
Refund to your account in PayPal will be made within 5-8 working days.
In case the product is returned for a manufacturing defects, we bear the return service expenses.

Payment Options

What are the available payment options?

  • You have two options:
  • Pay Pal
  • Cash on delivery
Cash on delivery is available on orders less than 450$ .

Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, Cash on delivery is available on orders less than 450$ and extra fees included depends on the orders amount.
Please note that the extra fees is paid to the delivery company against the cash on delivery service.
The fees for cash on delivery is 8.25$ USD dollar

Why I can’t choose pay on delivery?

Please make sure you fulfill the below condition:
Order Amount Limit: The amount or value of the order which does not match the conditions.
Please note that there is a limit for the order amount for the cash on delivery option that does not exceed 450$. In case the amount exceeds this value, you must change the payment method to PayPal, in case you face any problem our customer service with help you.
Cash on Delivery Limit: Please ensure that all your previous Cash On Delivery requests are successfully delivered. If not, the placed orders must have delivered before any new orders. Otherwise you have to choose another payment method such as PayPal 
Country limits: cash on delivery is available for some countries only. Please make sure that you are within the countries where cash on delivery is available. For inquiries we are pleased to help you via our customer service.

What if I paid my order twice or accidentally paid?

In the case of paying twice
• Please check with your bank
• Please provide the two transaction number to verify and help you with the right solution.
In case of wrong payment
  • Please check with your bank
  • This requires you to send the transaction number to verify
  • The amount will be refunded to within 15 working days to your card
  • If any error founded in the payment process, please choose another payment method

What if I found an increase in the total invoice amount after placing an order?

This may be caused by several reasons:
  • Shipping fees
  • You need to check the order, prices, and total invoice amount.
  • Please note that the offers and sales prices may expire and the price change after the offer period.
  • If you select a cash on delivery payment, you will pay an extra collection service fees to the shipping company.
  • In case you places separate order for each item, the collection service fees will be paid for each separated order.
  If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

How safe is credit card payment?

We are proud to offer a highly secured purchases processes to our customers. As all credit card information is encrypted by PayPal (which is one of the safest payment methods internationally recognized). Therefore, the credit card information is never saved or shared to any third party.

 About our products

What is your product made of?

Rakeya is always working to provide the finest and highest quality fabrics, the most suitable for the Arab consumer style.
In summer and spring
  We are keen to use eaither pure cotton or the highest cotton ratio as possible. also fabrics made of natural weave, such as linen, etc.
In winter and autumn
Our products are made of cotton and natural weave with rates of synthetic fibers to provide the customer of the possible natural warm level.
The thickness of the products is not the main purpose –even though they are available-  but the most important thing is that the density of the tissue is high so that the body maintains its temperature.

Are the pictures shown on the website real pictures of the products?

Of course, they are real photos. Rakeya depends on reliability and credibility as a main principle when dealings with customers 

What are the sources of your products?

The main source of our products is Turkey, with other sources maybe available
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