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Please read these Terms and conditions carefully before accessing or using our website. The terms and conditions represent the agreement between you and Rakeya takes place once you use our services. 

Rakeya website is operated and managed by Rakeya Trading and Contracting company, A Limited Liability Company located in Doha, Qatar.
Rakeya website is subjected to additional terms and conditions referred on other pages on the website
By using Rakeya website means you agree to the terms and conditions.
If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you may not access the website or use any services.

Amendment of the terms and conditions

Rakeya reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice, and these modifications do not apply to orders that have been confirmed before the amendment.


Trade Mark

Rakeya is a registered trademark of Rakeya website. It’s not allowed to be used in any way that might cause confusion to customers, or in any way that would infringe the rights of Rakeya website. We will immediately take the required legal action.


Rakeya owns all the content published on and the social media pages owned by us, including texts, pictures, logos, designs, videos, digital downloads, and this content is protected by the State of Qatar and the international intellectual property protection laws. These contents should not be republished or used without prior written permission of Rakeya.


Account access and identity protection

For easy access to your account, we allowed an option to save your username and password for direct and easy access to your account; however You are responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the information related to your account.
If you find that you are a victim of identity infringement, you must report the incident immediately to our customer service. You must also inform your credit card issuer and the relevant legal authorities.
Rakeya reserves the right to cancel any account at any time without prior notice in order to protect itself and its customers from what it may think is fraudulent activity.


Using the website and the social media platforms

Rakeya has the right to use any comments, information, or methods contained in any means of communication that may be sent to Rakeya which include the answers provided in the opinion polls without any notice or financial compensation, whatever the content and for any purpose. Also you grant us the right to display any information, suggestions or Results of questionnaires submitted by Rakeya or one of Rakeya’s social media pages


Any comments or use of offensive or obscene language on the website or Rakeya's social media pages that may cause harassment, whether by e-mail or chat, are prohibited. It is forbidden to impersonate others on, whether high-end employees or representatives, as well as other members or visitors.


It is forbidden to post or upload any kind of threat, abuse or defamation.,as well as offensive and illegal advertisements within this site. It is also prohibited to publish any commercial content on the site or social media platforms or to use the site or social media platforms to urge others to join or to become members of any other commercial sites or organizations.


Typing errors

Rakeya seeks to provide accurate data and information about products and their prices, typing errors may occur resulting from an unintended human error in pricing or information. In this case, Rakeya has the right to reject or cancel any requests placed for this product.
In the event this problem occurs, we will contact you to clarify the information and ask you about the extent of your desire to complete the order or cancel

Order Confirmation

Orders are confirmed upon making sure of the correct prices, shipping and collection service fees in case of cash on delivery. After making sure that the quantities are available the order is confirmed and processed.




Responsibility of order

The customer is the only one who bear the responsibility of any costs result from any errors in the procedure of the order placement and the customers take full responsibility in determining the accuracy of the order, which includes payment methods, pricing, type of item and size, shipping and delivery.


Products return

   Please review the return policy referred in the general policy on the main page

Communication and electronic communication

By using our Services, you're also agreeing to receive phone calls and e-mails from Rakeya. These communications includes notices about your orders (such as accepting your order, and receiving invoices), in addition to information about our offers that maybe interested to you, and offers that are designed for you and more services. These connections are part of Rakeya and customer relationship


Product or shipment prices are subject to change without prior notice. Our customers must realize that prices may change by suppliers or shipping companies, therefore we cannot guarantee that any product will remain at any specific price for any period of time.
Purchase prices, don’t include shipping and collection fees unless mentioned, and the company has the right to cancel the customer’s request for reasons related to them, including the customer’s failure to receive previous orders

Different currencies:

The prices shown in Rakeya in other currencies are converted from the US dollar. Prices may vary from time to time depending on the currency rates fluctuation, and the US dollar remains the pricing reference for Rakeya; The price displayed on the products page, regardless of the currency, is the current price that you will pay, excluding shipping or any additional expenses that you may pay to customs.


Payment terms:

Refer to the main page for more information. In the customer service link at the bottom of the main page, you will find the payment options.
Licenses and Taxes.
  Our prices exclude taxes and customs duties, or any other fees, the customers are responsible for any additional expenses that may apply based on the laws of your country; In case of importing products, the customer are responsible for taxes, duties and any additional expenses, and responsible for preparing official documents accordance to the laws of the destination country.



Our company guarantees that all goods sold to the buyer are free from manufacturing defects; In the event that any manufacturing defect is found, the buyer must contact customer service within a maximum of 15 days, and the issue will be solved.
Our company will not be responsible for fault or damage which is a result of misuse.



Packaging process standards and material are the sole responsibility of Rakeya unless otherwise stipulated. In case of product return, the customer is obligated to pay shipping and packaging expenses.


Shipping fees

The customer is responsible of all shipping and delivery costs of the products purchased from Rakeya - unless otherwise indicated. Also the customer bears the cost of shipping in case of return or non-receipt, and we are responsible for bearing the shipping costs for defective products, and the customer bears any expenses resulting from an error in the order


Shipping companies

It is Rakeya responsibility to determine the shipping company unless otherwise stipulated, Rakeya is not responsible for any delay or additional costs in the event that the customer selects the shipping company.


Force Majeure

Our company will not be responsible for the inability to perform its obligations resulting directly or indirectly from force majeure results from natural disasters under any name, political circumstances, war, riots, succession and the consequent changes in wages, prices, supply and logistics operations and delays in transportation.
Or any kind of circumstances out of the company control. Whether they are from the cases mentioned previously or otherwise, and the agreement remains in effect, after our company was able to address the reasons and return to regular work in a normal manner. In all previous cases, our company will not be responsible for any special or consequential damages for any delay.
Governing law and Jurisdiction.  In the event of any dispute, disagreement, or claim arising out of or related to the services of our website or the terms of use, including their existence, validity, interpretation, performance or violation, then the laws of the State of Qatar shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this dispute or its subject matter or formation, the arbitration procedures are conducted in the Arabic language. If there is any Differences between the Arabic language and any other language, the Arabic language shall prevail. The losing party pays attorney fees and court fees in accordance with the law.
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